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Enhancing natural beauty is the only motive i work for

Sabinaa Shafi is a renowned makeup artist in Delhi, filled with creativity. Sabinaa is well known for her exceptional Bridal Makeup talents. She strongly believes that makeup is one of the most impactful ways to express yourself. Everyone's idea of beauty is different and individual to them, whether that is all-natural or full glamour.

Each and every application is specifically tailored to that persons' personality, image, skin type, and style. She thrives on my clients feeling as beautiful and unique on the outside as they do on the inside. Each element should be synergistic to create a unique portrait of total beauty and great style.

Sabinaa loves using her passion for makeup artistry to make women feel their best. Sabinaa takes pride in working with brides and making them feel stunning on their wedding day. To her, being a part of people’s most special times in their lives is the most rewarding.

Many women consider their wedding the most important day of their lives and you should too. You'll have your wedding photos forever, a polished yet natural face is one you’ll always look back on without any regrets! She is best known for collaborating with her clients, meticulously interpreting their vision and bringing that vision to life.

She has done her professional make-up artistry from some of the foremost schools of London. She is trained in Airbrush by world renowned TEMPTU. It is not just about the makeup! She conceptualizes the complete look, helping the bride to select the dress, and definitely designs the flawless look for the woman. Each of her brides looks different as she works in retaining her individuality, highlighting her attractive features and hiding imperfections.

She believes in delivering quality without compromising the fashion standards and ethics, a masterstroke which she has developed over long years of practice and experiments during her stint as freelance makeup artist. She believes that make-up is not just about using colors, rather it is an art of enhancing ones features & bringing the best out.

Why Choose Sabinaa Shafi Makeup?

  • 1

    To provide you the best makeup services we work with experienced and certified makeup professionals from industry.

  • 2

    We respect your time hence provide time flexibility and prior appointment booking facility.

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    Our customer ratings and recommendation on social sites shows the satisfaction level of our customers.

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    Beauty is proportionate to peace thus we maintain peace and soothing atmosphere at our studio so that you stay relaxed.

Brand we use

Sabinaa takes pride in using the highest products that are specially designed to last all day, which means your make-up will be flawless from start to finish and most importantly it will photograph beautifully. All products are sourced directly from the U.S., Paris and U.K. to ensure quality and authenticity

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