November 20, 2019
November 22, 2019

All makeup types come with their own set of pros and cons. All makeup artist will have their own opinion on what they prefer to use on their brides. The choice of makeup comes down to you. The best thing before making a decision would be to try both types of makeup and see what suits you and your skin type best.

This advancement in the field of makeup was done because with 

With HD cameras all finalises are visible. These makeup techniques give you a diffused and blended look where your face looks flawless on the camera.


Airbrush Makeup

This is a newer technique of makeup wherein the makeup is sprayed onto your face with an instrument, giving a super diffused and blended look to the foundation without the use of brushes sponges, etc.

Traditional HD makeup: This technique is around for the longest time know where in regular brushes/ sponges are used to directly apply the makeup on the face. The blending of the product has to be done manually.


Airbrush: As the products passing through the instrument (airbrush) are very fine and lightweight they help in achieving more of natural/subtle looking base alongside great coverage.

Traditional HD makeup: The products used for this process whether normal or HD are usually a lot thicker than what goes in airbrush, thus making them more visible but again the level of blending shall depend on your makeup artist. Works great in covering blemishes and spots.


Airbrush: Products going into the airbrush mostly have silicon in it, filling fine lines pores, etc to quire an extent. The products are hypoallergenic in nature, so works great for sensitive skin types as well.

Traditional HD: Silicon and the hypoallergenic levels in these products can vary, but are definitely lesser than an airbrush.


Airbrush makeup: The products used in this technique are always waterproof and adhere to the face easily with the combination of the techniques your makeup artist uses to make it stay put, can last a whole day or more if not removed with a potent cleanser.

Traditional HD makeup: Products used in this technique are mostly waterproof as well, and all the tricks and techniques to make the makeup last long are needed. A primer for this procedure is a must.


Q-How does one choose the technique as per their skin type?

A- Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, your mua has to understand your skin type and prep it before starting the makeup. A professional regime is followed to fix the PH levels of your skin and bring it to normal and then you are good to choose any type depending on the kind of effect you are looking for.

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